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Leadership, policy and strategy

To practice inclusion, every organisation may have different needs and priorities. Hensch Consulting can help with the following, and more:

  • Inclusive diversity assessment of the organisation (teams and cultures)

  • Supporting to build organisational strategies on inclusion and engagement

  • Analysing the existing strategies and provide recommendations 

  • Best practices in regards to gender, intersectionality and disability inclusion


Training and capacity building

To lead effectively, employees, front-line staff and volunteer require well-tailored training to practice inclusion and engagement. All the training workshops can be presented online and face-to-face. At Hensch Consulting, we tailor all our workshops based on the need of the organisation and in line with their relevant strategic directions. Here are some of the workshops we offer:

  • Inclusive diversity (general)

  • Anti-racism 

  • Unconscious bias and inclusive practices

  • Bullying and Harassment 

  • Inclusive leadership

  • Cultural intelligence in global business

  • Gender and culture

  • Disability inclusion

  • Inclusion and innovation

  • Leading multicultural team

  • Leading remote team



Individual leaders, managers, HR, and D&I employees usually are equipped with competencies and skills required to carry out their functions; however, they may need some extra coaching to bring their inclusive practices up to the next level. Hensch Consulting can assist you in achieving your goals, using tools and approaches which are tailored to the individual’s needs and at the same time, proven by the experts in the field.

And more, 
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